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The core aim of our syllabus is to provide good education through the use of innovative robotics and engineering skills. Each student undergoes 4 stages of training to become creative and innovative maker at the end of the course. The courses are customised for each age group and engaged students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education via our 4 main learning journeys.

At Zenius Tech, we understand that STEAM education has a great impact on the modern world. That is why we are providing innovative teaching and learning solutions that are based on our customised syllabus. By combining the four fields, students are able to master the comprehensive future skills and compete in the future world.



Creative Design


Maker Space




Benefits of Learning STEAM

Enhance Observation Skill
Build Up Self Confidence
Cultivate Patience Towards Mentality
Team Spirit and Sharing
Improve Problem Solving Skill
Sharpen Logical Thinking
Foster Creativity and Innovative
Communication and Expression


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Probo Connect, Probo Scratch

STEAM Workshop

Micro:bit, Strawbees, 3D Pen

ToT Training

Audruino, 3D Design



Level 1

Introduction & Hands-on
- Structure Assemble, Motor Moving Mechanism & Theory of Power Transmission inclusive basic physics knowledge.

Level 2

Build & Construct
- Mechanism Interactive Games (Probo’s Enhancer to boost students’ passion and interest in robotics and technology world.

Level 3

Complete Robot Structure - Basic
- Students will learn how to assemble a Complete Robot Structure & Mechanism.

Level 4

Construction of Comprehensive & Multi-Function Robot
- A special training for students to build more Comprehensive and Multi-function robot.
- A strong foundation to unlock the key to Maker Space.

Creative Design & Coding



~ Students will learn object oriented programming from Scratch 2.0.  Meanwhile, students will learn how to design their own creative & interesting games.  This allows students to free flow their imagination

~ Students can control the program and sprite inside the Scratch based software via our special PROBO mainboard and hardware.

~ In higher level, students will utilize our GULC software(C code base) to program their robot and hardware.

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